Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sitting On a Fence of Indecision


Sitting On A Fence of Indecision

Perched atop a fence

I contemplate the world’s woes,

a visionary of sorts.


Affixed safely on this rail

waiting, anticipating my next move

as to which side I fall today.


The wrong side foreign,

because I time it so—

deciding just in time, to be on the right side.


But the fence has failed me,

through season and shame

collapses beneath my weighing pride.


Neither this side or that

can I make my choice right—

for now I lay aground.


Worried, consumed by doubt

I cannot decide what to do,

what to say, opinion escapes me.


My fence has fallen,

decrepit due to ignorance—

rotting away the stand I thought was mine.

Innocent Things That Frighten Me

Sometimes the most innocent of things by day can be the ultimate terror in ones dreams.



So cute in their lifelike appearance. A choice for numerous film makers to uncover the dark side of ever little girl’s companion. Examine the image above. If you look closely, the small doll is looking back at the girl. Thus it enters her subconscious and the genocide of peaceful sleep has begun.

One of my favorite poets also included the inanimate plaything in his body of work. Ted Hughes animates the doll in a terrifying manner that keeps me up at night:

Ted Hughes

The Ventriloquist

By Ted Hughes


We caught each other by the body

     And fell in a heap.

Your doll in the dark bedroom woke

     With her scream a whip.


With your arms around my neck

     I ran through a thorny wood.

The doll screamed after us, to the world.

     Daddy was no good.


You sobbed against my chest.

     I waded the river’s freeze.

The doll had put your Mummy on show—

     The Kraken of the seas.


As you lay on the bed

     I leaned to lock the door.

The doll sat on the roof and screamed

     I was with a whore.


The doll broke in that night

     Killed you and was gone

Screaming at the stars to look

     And see Justice done.

It is common for us to use the things that create images of love and hate, beauty and ugliness, the bizarre and the serene into our words. It is these images that truly exposes the inside of us, the writer, whether for himself or to be printed for all to read. Imagination cannot be stifled.

Encourage our young people to exercise that imagination through music, art, photography, poetry and the like.

If we let it die, we die…inside.