Saturday, February 18, 2012


Go ahead and say it
speak what’s on your mind -
but get to the point, because
so many times you talk out your face
Lying with your crossed cigarette stained fingers
in a thousand dollar suit bought with pennies from the wishing well.
Yes, you get the exposure
at the expense of an old woman's treasure,
feeding the mannequin letters of praise for your complete deception.
We too have a voice
getting louder and louder, can you hear it?
in the streets, we teach about change
a change not to swallow the whole of your phallus
Imitating not those who follow blindly
deaf of the hidden meanings of the promises that vomits forth.
Now there comes a time to unite
burning those bridges we once thought safe,
and come together, like some bizarre experiment -
dreamt by “a child of love and light”
The voice becomes one -
of change, of a purpose to sustain ourselves through fire and ice.
Our voice resonates in the hearts of poets,
scarred from dull knives, your constant incisions
attempting to cut it out, piece by piece until no motivation exists.
We, the people, gather into a mass of hysteria
running through the night, demanding to change this revolving world, again.


A harsh moon washes over this tiny room
illuminating the worn floor boards, accenting every ridge
holding a lifetime of worn shoes and thinning socks.
The cool night air flows through the rust stained screen, a thief
rustling past the sheer wall of curtain, dancing as clouds would
in hopes of hiding in the darkest corner.
In that corner, a chair; brittle as bones beneath January’s sky
displays the loneliness of our apartment above the vacant book shop.
And it took all the courage I had, conquering each creaking step
one by one, to this place where I once called home
which now feels empty, void of all the things we shared.
A collection of poems litter the floor, as leaves of a dying tree
her branches unable to hold her words,
begin to dry, the ink fading into a coma of dreams.
So I gather the remnants of a lifetime, one page at a time
keeping them safely hidden, guarding all my memories of you
and binding them in an album, labeled Collected.


The light peeks between the slats of the blind
creating today’s first shadow upon our sleepless bed.
It’s early, my mind already ahead of the clock
poising to scream us awake at any minute.
And the room is filled with the aroma of fresh coffee,
brewing in our small but cozy kitchen.
It stirs me to walk across the floor, cold with January’s breath
to drink its vitality I so need.
And it’s just then, when I am ready to slip out of bed
I realize that it’s you darling, laying next to me - I crave more.