Sunday, September 27, 2009

The High End of Low


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I am not a Marilyn Manson fan. But I have always kept an open ear/mind on any music, no matter who the artist may be. With the release of “The High End of Low” I have found a disc I can appreciate from Marilyn Manson where it is filled with strong music and equally strong lyrics. The tracks “We’re From America” and “Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin-Geddon” are classic Manson anthems with their hard hitting, gutsy lyrics.

But my favorites have to be “Four Rusted Horses”, “Wight Spider” with my number one favorite off the CD being “Running To The Edge Of The World” more so the alternate version. This track has a huge lyrical attraction and the melody, though simple, strongly backs up those lyrics.


Not being a follower or a hater of Marilyn Manson, this is a disc that can attract those caught on the fence for this artist. Personally I have slipped off the fence of indecision and loved this CD.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Only Tonight


Artwork by Joleene Naylor


Only Tonight

In the night sky
roman candles came alive,
illuminating our passion
to burn inside the other,
love hotter than July’s breath.

And your body—
outlined in chalk,
softens in the shadow
as I hold you, trembling
fearing it has gone too far.

With Midnight’s kiss
upon your lips,
wet with words, whispering back
warm breaths caresses my neck,
making me pray again.

But along with passion
comes destruction—
your faith broken,
scattered around our feet,
as you promised yourself forever
to another, unlike me.

So we live for the evening
not thinking about tomorrow,
with its uncertainty—
but grasp each other’s heart,
holding on for dear life, if just for tonight.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009





Floating out
into the deep green sea—
watching comets pass by
through Orion’s belt,
pulled by the evening’s tide
…away from me.


Can you touch the fabric of Heaven?
If only once, would it save you?


The Sea salts your soul
preserving memories of our love,
its waves covering you
a seabed full of treasures,
rusted and old
but none less, treasure.


Where did it go wrong?
What storm washed you all away?


Your imprint remains in the sand
as the Sea exerts its voice,
whispering lullabies of sleep
a rhythmic call of desire—
to rest in forever
within its glimmering bed.


Will it warm you so? As I did?
Can you dream between its sheets?


And as you stare at the tiny diamonds
high above, twinkling bright—
Will you remember me?
Perhaps not as your first love,
but the one who showed you
how the sea captures all.


The Constellation Orion


Writing this reminded me of The Cure’s song “From The Edge of A Deep Green Sea”

I found the live video:


Monday, September 7, 2009





A familiar nursery rhyme,
when turned clockwise
clicks away the words in my head---
am I dead? blynd-in-the-box once said.
Again in the corner, just by the bed
do you hear it? is it bleeding red?

Pressing it all in,
to cover all my sins
wanting to pop out---
can you feel it?
Turn the crank slowly,
anticipate my release.

But it never happens,
for my spring broken---
in a thousand ways,
turn, turn, make the melody burn.
Inside the box pushing
hoping release from the things I learn.

The Monkey chased the Weasel
round and round,
turn the handle, making sound---
empty the box unless I drown.
The edge of this World
finds us all, only to push the thin cover down.

Pretend with cheery color,
red, green and blue
inside is the true image---
black, black, as a heart attack.
If you tear it open
you will see it isn’t just any ole Jack---

But inside is the Devil,
hiding within paper skin,
easy to tear, easy to bear
easy to believe in this child-like nightmare.
Turn, turn, the crank some more
as each of us can, when we close the door.

Can you hold my hand just this once?
we can pull down our socks,
chase the little Devil down,
dance to it in your evening gown.
Lest we pray, for a different day
I can’t spring out, but only fade away.

“All around the Mulberry Bush,

The monkey chased the weasel.

The monkey stopped to pull up his sock,

Pop! goes the weasel.”


Origin (Jack-In-The-Box)

The first mechanical or wind-up toys were made back in Grecian times - but the art was revived by watch makers and clock makers during the 1400s. Early in the 1500s, a German clockmaker named Claus made a box for a local prince whose son was about to celebrate his fifth birthday. A simple wooden box with metal edges and a handle, and with a turn of the crank produced a simple tune and out popped a 'Jack,' a Devil, a comical version with a leering smile. Other nobles took note of the child's toy and the idea spread. Technology by the 1700s meant that it was a 'common toy' or novelty often in use for all ages. It was around this time that the image of a devil in a box became cartoon fodder for rouge politicians and other public figures held to ridicule.

Another theory as to the origin of the jack-in-the-box is that it comes from the 13th century English prelate Sir John Schorne, who is often pictured holding a boot with a devil in it. According to folklore, he once cast the devil into a boot to protect the village of North Marston in Buckinghamshire. This theory may explain why in French, a jack-in-the-box is called a "diable en boƮte" (literally "boxed devil").

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Had A Job

“Today I wrote a little poem for all who have been affected by the economy and from that, lost their job. And even to those of us “lucky” enough to still be employed I think could relate to this”.


I Had A Job

I had a job
that I hated—
full of stress,
backstabbers for friends
quick to climb the ladder of importance.
Commuting each day
dreading what Today would bring
unhappy clients,
attitude from workmates,
mediocre pay—
a slice of my ego,
never enough done,
late hours bought, keep the change
finally to leave,
unfulfilled and empty.
Wondering why…
today I miss it so.