Saturday, September 6, 2008

Black Hole

Black Hole

Filling with the emptiness
of your sudden withdraw,
not fully understanding the import
of the deafening silence.

Attempting to rationalize
why some people disappear,
while others simply fade,
leaving the consistent void.

Letters cannot replace your voice
or pictures that peaceful look,
knowing all that is tangible
eventually returns to dust.

I would read your poems
under the light of the moon,
reflecting rhymes off the shimmer
only to enlighten my sadness.

Into the darkness each tear fell
as you bled out your thoughts,
composing a serenade so sweet
it echoes even tonight.

Suddenly it all disappeared
into an invisible black hole,
emptying all we had together
absorbed into the heavens above.

Dreaming on occasion
how we once were,
only to awaken suddenly
believing you will return someday.

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