Monday, August 17, 2009

Vacation 2009: The Arrival

We made it to the east coast!

The remainder of the drive was good, with minimal traffic and great sunny weather. The morning portion of the drive was again very cool going through the mountains of Virginia in the early morning, witnessing the morning fog being burned off the trees.

It was a quick move into the condo (though everything needed to be carried up five flights of stairs) and all the provisions were put in their place. THEN it was time to relax on the deck, listen to the waves and enjoy the scene. Here is what I see from our deck:


After the first beer it was like being at home, enjoying the ocean breeze on my body as I sat on our deck. Love the smell of the ocean! It was like being at a new place but not as we have rented this particular condo a year ago and fell in love with the whole set up and the location. It didn’t take long before I spotted one of my favorite reasons for being here on the beach:

Arrival girl

What? I’m a guy all right! And for you guys reading this, I can’t stress the fact enough that this is a place where the girls are really HOT! Not that they are all from NC but they come in with their families and enjoy the same things I do…sun, waves and a chance to get away from the everyday life we all lead.

After a few cocktails, we ordered a pie from the Pizza Inn, and I recommend them because their pizza is very, very good. Especially after six or seven Miller Lites.

Our group enjoyed the rest of the afternoon on the deck and a walk on the shore at dusk. If you’ve never had a chance to walk the beach at dust in August, with the ocean breeze gently caressing your body and the warm waves at your feet you haven’t lived life to its fullest. My opinion, but I highly recommend it.

Meg (my official photographer) took this shot of me coming from my first walk off the beach:


All in all it was a good arrival day. I can expect now a week of relaxation and with a little luck some words to pop in my noodle to write about.

Oh, I almost forgot! The sunset was brilliant! Yes the advantage of the setup here is you get to witness the sunrise and the sunset from the same deck! Life is good…at the moment.


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  1. oh my aching ass, you *almost* sound happy, what the fuck?!?!?! great pic of you on the beach goldielocks!