Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vacation 2009: The Drive (Revised)


Well today we left for our trip to Emerald Isle NC. And obviously driving the 16 hours today was filled with…well, nothing but looking at the scenery and watching the cars and trucks roll by. Yeah…pretty uneventful.

I am reporting from Huntington WV in one of my favorite hotels with a full stomach and a bottle of Miller Lite to help ease me to sleep.

Tomorrow will be a similar day but the drive will be reduced from 16 hours on the road to approximately 8hrs. and the anticipated arrival to the beach condo.

No more to be said.

Since I posted this i have to revise it because I did state that there was no more to be said…but there is:

At 1 am I was awaken in my plush hotel dreaming state by one of our group having a allergic reaction to something or another. This lead to a trip to the emergency room (not to mention the drive trying to find the hospital), the subsequent two hour wait to be seen and the drive back to the hotel. By 3:30 am I was back in bed trying to get the remaining 2 hours of sleep that I desperately needed. Who knew being a passenger for a 16 hour ride was so taxing.

This did make the “drive” eventful I guess, but obviously not something one would want to happen on the first day of vacation. The goal is to write about all the good/happy times in this east coast paradise, to memorialize the trip for when I am too old to make it even to the little boys room on my own.

I think that now our “one” incident allotted per trip is used up and the rest of the week will be another awesome experience.


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  1. ... and all these years, I assumed you flew to the coast ... and I can't believe you don't play word games in the car, I-spy and or car bingo! I just laid in groceries for our trip (well some anyways) ... I plan to feed the soul while we are up there too ... there has to be something in my stomach to sop up all that liquor! happy trails ... can't wait to read the next installment, but dude if you are not going to admit to playing silly road/car games, at least flesh out one "car bickering" session! that's a long time to be trapped in a vehicle.