Saturday, September 11, 2010



Wrapped legs, which once squeezed with pleasure

now dangle lifeless—

guarding a well, dry with contempt

as I stand at a distance,

dying from the thirst of you.


On our bed, the sweat evaporates

becoming stains—

taking on the shapes of diseased skin

the scent of you gone,

as if fire consumed your soul.


sex becomes meaningless,

when an ocean of hatred stands between us—

each attack, a wave of salty words

eroding away my edges, stinging my wounds

ever so subtle, a tiny grain at a time.


Answer me why, why you turned away,

ignoring vital truths—

how love conquers all, despite all my faults

or how we promised each other a lifetime

only to return it, outdated, expired.


Now it rains, drops of icy cold blood

and the sun won’t show again, the sky

painted over with clouds of gloom—

a photograph taken without a hint of color,

just empty frames exposing the frailness in me.


Laying beneath a ceiling cracked

the plaster an image of the leper’s cover—

I dare to dream for someday a time

pretending of a hope, as slight as it may be

when I can feel your warmth, just one more time.

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