Wednesday, September 9, 2009





Floating out
into the deep green sea—
watching comets pass by
through Orion’s belt,
pulled by the evening’s tide
…away from me.


Can you touch the fabric of Heaven?
If only once, would it save you?


The Sea salts your soul
preserving memories of our love,
its waves covering you
a seabed full of treasures,
rusted and old
but none less, treasure.


Where did it go wrong?
What storm washed you all away?


Your imprint remains in the sand
as the Sea exerts its voice,
whispering lullabies of sleep
a rhythmic call of desire—
to rest in forever
within its glimmering bed.


Will it warm you so? As I did?
Can you dream between its sheets?


And as you stare at the tiny diamonds
high above, twinkling bright—
Will you remember me?
Perhaps not as your first love,
but the one who showed you
how the sea captures all.


The Constellation Orion


Writing this reminded me of The Cure’s song “From The Edge of A Deep Green Sea”

I found the live video:


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