Sunday, September 20, 2009

Only Tonight


Artwork by Joleene Naylor


Only Tonight

In the night sky
roman candles came alive,
illuminating our passion
to burn inside the other,
love hotter than July’s breath.

And your body—
outlined in chalk,
softens in the shadow
as I hold you, trembling
fearing it has gone too far.

With Midnight’s kiss
upon your lips,
wet with words, whispering back
warm breaths caresses my neck,
making me pray again.

But along with passion
comes destruction—
your faith broken,
scattered around our feet,
as you promised yourself forever
to another, unlike me.

So we live for the evening
not thinking about tomorrow,
with its uncertainty—
but grasp each other’s heart,
holding on for dear life, if just for tonight.


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